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Every time you play your ukulele, you need to tune your ukulele. What does tuning mean? It means tightening or loosening the strings on your ukulele until they play the correct pitch. The reason you need to tune every time is because ukulele strings are made of nylon and they stretch due to being played or temperature and humidity changes. It can be tricky at first to learn how to tune, but don’t give up!

What do I need?

What should I know?

How do I tune?

How To Read A Chord Diagram

Chord Tutorial Videos

Learning Songs Independently

Below is a website called UkuTabs* that you can use to learn songs on your own!

In addition, you can find many ukulele play-along videos on YouTube* to learn songs. Click on the link below for an example of some play-along videos.

*Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to find school-appropriate songs on UkuTabs and YouTube. These websites are not moderated by Mrs. Novoselich.

How To REad Tab (Tablature)

Learn how to pick the melody of "Oh How Lovely Is The Evening"! If you learn it, you will be featured in a small group part during this song at the Showcase.