Ukulele-For Students


Every time you practice, you need to tune your ukulele. Watch the video below to learn how to tune your ukulele:

You can tune by ear! Hear the note, and turn your tuning peg while playing your string until the note sounds the same. Tune your ukulele by ear at this website!

If you don’t have a tuner at home, you can download a free tuner app on a smart device like a phone or tablet. There are several different apps to choose from.

How To Read A Chord Diagram

Chord Tutorial Videos

Ukulele - Intro and C Chord.mp4
Ukulele-F Chord.mp4
Ukulele-Am Chord.mp4
Ukulele-G Chord.mp4
Ukulele-D Chord.mp4
Ukulele-A Chord.mp4
Ukulele-E7 Chord.mp4
Ukulele-Em Chord.mp4

Below you will find the Ukulele 101 presentation from music class to practice at home on your ukulele. Enjoy!

-Mrs. Novoselich

Beginning Ukulele.pptx

Learning Songs Independently

Below is a website called UkuTabs* that you can use to learn songs on your own!

    • Search for a song by artist name or song title.

    • If needed, you can use the "transposer" (screen shot below) to change the number until you see chords that you know. Keep in mind, if you transpose a song, you won't be able to play along with the original version of the song because you'll be in a different key.

In addition, you can find many ukulele play-along videos on YouTube* to learn songs. Click on the link below for an example of some play-along videos.

*Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to find school-appropriate songs on UkuTabs and YouTube. These websites are not moderated by Mrs. Novoselich.

Learn how to pick the melody of "Oh How Lovely Is The Evening"! If you learn it, you will be featured in a small group part during this song at the Showcase.