Note Reading

4th and 5th Graders:

Here you will find many resources to help you learn how to read notes in the treble clef. Remember, your goal is to be fluent in reading notes so that playing the recorder and ukulele becomes much easier! Fluency means that you can identify a note as soon as you look at it. It takes practice to get to that point. Start with knowing that musical notes are alphabetical from low to high on the staff (ABCDEFGABC...). Next, you can use tricks to help you remember the notes on the lines and spaces.

Lines: Every Good Boy Does Fine

Spaces: FACE.

Below are two fun videos to help you remember these tricks!

Notes are also alphabetical from low to high, repeating letters A-G!

Okay, once you understand how to read notes, you need to practice your fluency. Listed below are websites with games to help you practice identifying notes quickly.

Note Names Game

Note Identification

Name That Note

Keep practicing and don't give up! It takes awhile to get fast at identifying notes, but I know you can do it. Learning how to read music can open up a whole new world to explore!