Ukulele-For Parents

The 5th grade students at South Elementary learn how to play the ukulele! South's PTC and the Hudsonville Education Foundation have graciously supplied us with ukuleles that students will use during music class.

The ukulele is:

1. Portable and small enough for young students

2. Excellent as a solo or ensemble instrument

3. An exceptional tool for developing ear-training and teaching music theory

4. Relatively inexpensive compared to other instruments

5. An instrument that students can play while singing

6. Exciting and fun to play for years to come

Participation in the program does not require that you purchase a ukulele for your child, as we have ukuleles that the students can play when they are in music class. However, I highly recommend that you consider the option of buying your child a ukulele so that he or she may practice at home. Music class is only one or two times a week, and since school-owned instruments cannot go home, the ability to practice outside of class would be very beneficial. Ukuleles are a wonderful way to make music and are designed to be a “forever” instrument for your child, meaning that he or she can continue to play for years to come. The popularity of the instrument has increased in recent years and ukuleles can be heard in all kinds of music today.

If you are interested in purchasing a ukulele, an order form for Soprano Ukulele Packages will be sent home with your child in the fall. There are many colors to choose from! The packages are very nice and come with a high-gloss colored soprano ukulele, a heavy-duty zippered nylon case, and a digital clip-on tuner (very important in order to play successfully at home).

If you are going to purchase a ukulele, please only buy one from me or another reputable source. Please do not buy your child a "toy-quality" ukulele from a less reputable source because these instruments are often harder to play in tune and your child may become frustrated while trying to play correctly. If you have any questions, please email me at