Pre-K & Kindergarten Music

In Pre-K & Kindergarten, we begin learning how to listen to and audiate music. One of the techniques we use to develop audiation is listening to tonal and rhythm patterns and singing and chanting them in our minds, rather than with our voices. This simple exercise brings an awareness that there must be musical thought before musical performance. Another activity we use to develop audiation is playing “same and different” games. Children listen to two patterns and discriminate if the two patterns were same or different. We understand what something is by making comparisons and knowing what it is not.

We explore the many sounds our voices make: singing, chanting, speaking, etc. We begin developing our singing voices by singing short songs and tonal patterns. We also develop an understanding of rhythm and meter through chants, movement, and rhythm patterns.

We explore the many ways our bodies can move to music. We explore how we use the energy in our bodies through flow, weight, space and time. We explore locomotor movement such as walking, skipping, jumping, hopping, galloping, and rocking.

We explore the instruments in our room. We use simple rhythm instruments such as rhythm sticks, egg shakers, tambourines, and hand drums. We explore the many ways we can play the steady beat on our instruments.